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I''m a 12 year old (yes, you're not seeing things) with a passion for writing.

While I have yet to publish a book, I'm actually writing several MORE that are not on WoP.

Writing is my life, my passion and a dream.

I'm not into anime and will usually shun anime-type books. I do, however, love a good adventure, action or moderate fantasy novel. :)

Feel free to message me.

List of books

Abandoned at birth, two very different sisters live two VERY different lives as they lead their own groups of wolves. Rated 13 due to blood content.
Little Stella, born in a shed with three others, learns the lessons of life and tells her story from her first shaky breath to the final glance at the world she had.
Young griffin Nisha faces challenges as she meets up with a young phoenix, Serena to find the amber deep withing the clutch of Ember Mountain and restore peace amongst the land of Misted Shadows.