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Hello. :) Thanks for checking me out and stuff. I hope you like my books. I don't really love writing but it kills time.

Hey guys I'm still in school so things might slow down for a little. Sorry I haven't added much to Sleeping with swords and all you have is a little bit of BOAIS but I'm working on it. :)

Aw, you know my name now. What a shame. It's so much better when it's Anonymous, don't you think? ;) Ah, well I couldn't help it.

Sleeping with swords: The cover was done by my good friend Rosie. She's a genius and a great writer. Check her out on here, mkay? Her pen name is 'Rosie Jane<3'

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A feminine zoro figure seduces thieves and criminals before killing them. She has no respect for any man and all she wishes to do is get rich quick and protect her hometown.
Here, where the sun never sets and the war never ends, there is a place where warriors come to rejoice. Here, there is paradise.