Brian Lilburn
Member since Monday, 25 February 2008
Country: New Zealand

I'm a male, 72, retired. I have four grandsons, two who live with my daughter close by, and two with my other daughter in Sweden. (The two here are half Russian.) I have had a long, not very spectacular life, nevertheless with interesting international connections. I was a born Kiwi, grew up on a farm in the Wanganui district hill country. Boardered at Wanganui Collegiate School, then took B.A. (later to become an M.A) at Canterbury University. Did Teacher Diploma in Auckland, but did not stay in ordinary school teaching for long. After a variety of short-term jobs in New Zealand and England, I did a course in teaching English as a foreign language, and taught in Cordoba, Spain for a year. That's where I met my Swedish partner and we were married for ten years. Took a variety of jobs in Sweden and then in New Zealand but have really had no steady job history to put on a CV. In all, I spent eight years in Sweden and several more in England. One job I had was as an assistant at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. After several years back in New Zealand, I moved to my father's place and spent some years as his companion help. It was then I began to think about possiblilities of writing novels. Once back in Christchurch with close association with my 'immigrant' family here (the daughter here was born in Stockholm and her partner is Russian)I have busied myself with helping them and with retirement activities including writing.

List of books

The kind of novel one should send to Peter Jackson to make a film of, and I did, his secretary replied nicely - he's got too much on his plate. My book has romance, adventure, but no 'wizardry