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I am a teen author. I write and read often. I hope to get published, it maybe in the near future, it maybe in 20 years, but one day, I hope to be published. I have completed my first novel, which I have taken down at this time, so I can work on other things.I am working on my second novel. I have started to go back on my first book and I am starting to edit it. I like to create stories of adventure, mystery, fantasy, fiction, young adult, short-stories, and I''m starting to make Romance books. If you have any questions, or suggestions on my works, I''d love to hear from you. Send me a message or comment on my books.

Inspiration is what really gets me to write. I have been inspired to write a new book. Check out Seven Stars.

If you have a story you would like me to read, then let me know, I love to read.

List of books

What'll happen when your friend is captured? Will you do anything to save him?
Short Stories
In a nation where warlords and extremists thrive, seven different people,some native some foreign, live a life in Somalia. Even though warlords and extremists thrive, not everyone in the nation is bad