Cassandra Nicole
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Hey everyone! My name is Cassandra. I love to write. It helps me get through everyday. It also lets me feel creative and makes me feel like im in my own little world.

When you write,you must feel like your own person, outside of the reality world of ours. In our book, usually we create wrold that we would like to live in or we create a world where the characters have many obstacles to get through. And other times, we create world that is just like ours or a world that we would like to live in.

Well enjoy my novels. And remember to think creatively. Bceuase we get older, we tend to forget our creative young selves.


List of books

Alison goes to public school during high school. During that time, she finds out two escaped convicts are after her and so she decides to find out why, making her get shot,causing more drama to happen
Young Adult
Jessica, goes from tomboy to girly girl. She goes to her brothers college party adn ends up pregnant the next week. She realizes it is hard to raise 5 children and it is a fight to find their father.
Young Adult
Morgan''s dad is a senator and herr family is very racist. They do not even go anywhere black people are. She accidently meets a black boy named Ty who she falls for. But she has to secretly see him.