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Hey my name is Natasha!
I'm 17 and a Senior in High School.
I live in Texas.
I don't consider myself smart. I write to get stuff outta my system. I hate when people complain to me and then won't let me complain back. (I know that's super random but whatever.)
I love music. Rap is my favorite and I hate when people hear that I'm from Texas they assume I like Country music, but I hate country.
My favorite artists are Eminem, Jay Z andd my favorite band is Paramore! I guess I like all music (cept Country) but rap just happens to be my favorite.
I love reading. Do it all the time. I like
Harry Potter, Lightning Theif, and Hunger Games as far as series go. I'm attempting to read Lord of the Rings but they are just so long and I like patience.
SPORTS! Sports are what I live for, when I grow up I want to be a sports commetator.
Favorites- Nachos, Rap Music, Football, Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds.
Hates- Pickles, County Music, Golf, CNN!
Well yeah, bye y'all! (Yes I saw y'all it's a good abbreviation!)

Message me if you wanna.
Oh and if you ask me to read one of your books I probably will if it's about something that interests me such as romance, drama, horror, suspence and young adult books. I really don't like science fiction so I probably won't read any of those books.

List of books

Riley's best friend is dead and his parents aren't good at being parent's. He feels alone. Until Peyton comes to town.
Young Adult
"And who might that be?" Sam asked in a sensual tone. "Just Cooper, might wanna stay away from him if you don't like personal contact."
Young Adult