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Hello peoples!
A little about me:

  • I'm pretty quirky and according to my friend I'm a social blonde but that's alright.
  • I like to read and want to become an author at this moment in time. Possibly a poet and editor, too.
  • I cherish emoticons and the use of them.
  • If you feel like talking to me just send me a message and I'll answer. I talk a lot though (fair warning.) Anyway if you want me to read some of your work I'll do that too, just send me the title of your book. (It may also take me a while in some instances to get back to you, so sorry if that happens.)
  • I also very much enjoy music. It's become my outlet for a lot of things, and I'd go crazy without it. My favorite is Rock, though I like a bit of country, some pop, JPop!, SOME r&b (barely, ugh) metal :D, alternative and Christian. Obviously I mainly listen to rock, but if you give me a good song, I'll listen to it. My all time favorite band is

    Black Veil Brides!!!!

    (By the way, Andy Biersack is frickin' attractive! Only person in the world who can make me giddy and giggle like a little school-fan girl. Sad...but that's okay!! :DD Don't argue the point of his amazingness, just go with it.) I also hugely enjoy We Came As Romans, Sleeping With Sirens, and Paramore. :)


  • I love the color blue. It's my absolute frickin favorite. >.<
    Yippee! Okay I'm good lol.

About reading my books:
Please do not try and copy my stories as your own in any way. I have worked hard on these stories and they came from me. (partial quote:)There really isn't any new idea out there to be explored. Its how you use that idea and how you make the people your own(end quote). So whatever, take the idea for your book if it inspires you. Just make it your own and make it unique. Do not take the names of my characters and do not use my basic story line (as in the things you read in my books). I seriously do not appreciate it and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate someone doing it to you.
I now have one book actually on site right now. For whatever reason, I've decided to leave my mediocre poetry on here, though possibly only for a little while longer. I'm working on finishing the first chapter/prologues of my other three book ideas I have, but I don't know when they'll be up, if I decide to do so with them.
Also, recently I've gone back to looking at some of my past books, and they just aren't that great. They need some major editing and I have a lot of work to do, so I apologize in advance and hope you'll have patience with me (I'm extremely slow, lazy and busy at almost all times, so that definitely factors into everything).

Great authors and books:
Some of my favorite books on this site are

  1. A Princess Forgotten- Ashley Beth
  2. Smile- Kaisa Moore (doesn't really use the site all that much :/ )
  3. You Would Never Know- Meme
  4. Kiss Away My Tears- Angelkiss
  5. This Is Home - Patch Adams (the book is rarely updated, but I do love all the little bits I've managed to read.)
  6. Away-New Edition - ChristiAna M. Go read this book now!!! And I mean it, because it's beautiful and may only be on this site for a little while longer.
  7. Howl - ChristiAna (seems to be down right now, but hopefully she'll put it back up when she finishes Away.)

There are many others but these are my all time favs so check them out. Seriously.

These are a few of the authors on here that I like, though I fail at updating this as I find them. :/

  1. MidnightRain formally VioletHeart. great books.
  2. Sarah Adams
  3. Adorkable!
  4. ChristiAna M.

Some Amazing People To Talk To:

  • ChristiAna M.
  • MidnightRain

    Well thanks for your time and I hope to get to know you!

    I claim all rights to my pet dino-ninja whom is invisible. You may not have him, and you cannot create your own. The only way to have one, is if I deem you worthy and have my dino-ninja make one for you. He's the only one that can reproduce them. Oh yeah, and he's blue. :)
    Adorkable is the only person that has another one of these. But she can't create new ones, so don't bother asking. (She probably forgot about it anyway. ^_^ )
    Oh, and last thing, you can't know his name. Its secret...


    (,(")(") Ain't he cute? Meh..

    You can follow me on Twitter if, for some freakish reason, you wish to. My user name is SamyJo10 :)

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