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I am a young writer who loves writing cute, funny, and sometimes even tragic stories. I base my stories on every day lives, usually being changed in some unbelievably weird way. For instance, a little rich girl getting on her private jet and flying to an orphanage, later on finds out her father has died in a fire, unable to find his way out from worry of her running away.

Also, I love animals. Especially cats. My favorite children authors are Lauren Myracle, Erin Hunter, Judy Blume, and Raina Telgemeier.

List of books

Brooke, a middle schooler, wants to leave her busy life with her family. They are moving all the time and have never had any time for her. So she decides to run away with her cats to start a new life
Sage the wolf and the rest of his pack find themselves trapped in an underground world with no easy way out. Can they find a way out or are they stuck there forever?
A little girl by the name of Trissy Collins lived in a large house. Trissy got everything she wanted from her father. But when she doesn't get the one thing she really wants on her birthday?
Jr. the cat had a dream to rule the world. This small feline and his pet dragon will do things never imaginable by any other cat...
A plain girl in 6th grade finds a out-of-the-ordinary magic that changes her life forever! Read through this amazing adventure with Rachel Smith, Just a plain girl with something out of this world!
Princess Alexa Bancoft is taken away by her worrying father and brought to a small home in Florida. Being used to her usual princess ways, she is forced to get used to the normal, American ways.