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Hey everybody! My name is Chelsea! I'm from Houston, TX. I love writing! I've been writing since I was in 8th grade! I never knew that I was so good at writing until I started coming up with some interesting stories. I hope that people will enjoy all of my books that I have wrote on here.

List of books

In the 19th Century in London, a young woman name Natalya Corvinus falls in love with her butler name Christian Table, but she finds out that he is a werewolf. Will she love him even though he's curse
Ashley and Demitri are back and they're bringing more excitement. Ashley is finally having a baby with Demitri, but things go wrong once their child is born into the world.
Tessena Edmondson moves to New York City, for school and works to pay for her tuition. She meets Johnny Burton at the diner she works for, and falls for him, but she holds a darkest secret.
Ashley Madison was nothing, but a high school woman.Until her life is saved by a young gentlemen name Demitri. She falls in love with Demitri fast and finds out that he's a vampire. What will she do?