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Hi everyone ;] bonjour, hola whatever..
I am 16 years old, in the tenth grade, and I live in Massachusetts.

I guess my two favorite things are music and writing. Music is very important and essential to my writing. I ALWAYS listen to music while I write. It really helps me.

In addition to writing, I love reading, drawing, singing, fashion, attempting to moonwalk, and being with my family and friends!

UMM here's a list of my favorite things:

MUSIC: Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, The Runaways, Ke$ha, Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Paramore

BOOKS (I listed authors cuz I have SO many favorite books!): Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks, Meg Cabot, Michele Jaffe, Sarah Dessen. I also like Michael Jackson's autobiography Moonwalk and various books about my favorite people :)

MOVIES: Titanic, This Is It, Across The Universe, (500) Days of Summer, Dear John, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Notebook

TV: Pretty Little Liars, Glee!

My favorite actress is Shay Mitchell.

I love cats, chocolate, and my iPod even though it's cracked. I live to write and write to live. The book is always better. I plan on working in the criminal justice field as an FBI agent or lawyer, and writing in my free time.

I love you all!

List of books

Caroline loves Edward, Edward loves Caroline, Victoria wants Edward, and Lucy both loves and wants money. These are the youngest, brightest new members of Boston society, 1889.
The daughter of the richest man in town is found dead, and the police realize the unreadable note in her hands is the solution to Amanda Hollings' death.
Katie grew up in a verbally and mentally abusive household, depressed and rebellious. When she turned 18, she left and never looked back. Now she is reflecting on her life in a small Vermont town.
Young Adult
Kelly Ann Saunders meets Aidan Miller on the street...and gives him her heart. But when the entire town turns against her, including her own family, can she survive?
Claire Simmons has gotten everything she ever wanted in her life, except for true love. After a surprise visit from a mysterious woman, she changes her attitude for the better.
Reese Campbell and Bradley Marshall met by chance, and all the choices they made, starting from their freshman year of high school and ending at their senior year of college, impacted it.
Wake Up by H.
Lauren O'Conner has lived in this town her whole life, and she wants out, as soon as possible. But once she starts going out with Jason Matthews, her dreams are put on hold.
Young Adult