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heyheyy im Brianna
I'm sixteen years old and I've only been writing for like a year now...

"The Unthinkable Has Occurred" is my first book, so please be patient and let me know what you think!!
I'm super excited about "Beyond What Meets The Eye" but I haven't had the chance to work on it much because of computer problems. But no worries, as soon as I can, it'll be up:)

EEEK!!! hehe

My Absolute Favorite Books On This Site:

True Memoirs of A Liar Trilogy by C Lawson
Magnets by C Lawson

Arizona Skies by Isabella Darcy

Molly Heathrow by A.L.E.C.

Secrets of A Troubled Mind by Kaisa Moore
Smile by Kaisa Moore
No Limits by Kaisa Moore
Tainted by Kaisa Moore

Expect the Unexpected by Sarah Adams

A Princess Forgotten by Ashley Beth

Out of My Element by polina aronova
Rough Around The Edges by polina aronova
Complicated by polina aronova

Ella by ScarletDream

A Forbidden Love by MidnightRain
Lily's Diary Series by MidnightRain

Love is A Lie by littlemisswriter123

For What It's Worth by C.K. Faith

Scarlett Sun by Bookworm1326

Skye Blue by JayyCee

Switzerface by Sarah Dylan

The Angel With No Wings by Angel2kool4u

Don't Forget To Fly by Taylor K.

Life In Ruins by Alyssa Thatcher

I know it's a lot lolll but they are really good books on here:)
As I find more good ones, I will add them to my extremely long list:)

92 % of the teen population would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said breathing wasn't cool. Put this on your "About The Author" if you would be among the other 8% LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF!

List of books

A terrible event brings two students together and sends their town into chaos.
Young Adult
When Lia is forced to move, she encounters things she never thought existed.
just some random stuff that i wrote and don't know what to do with...mostly poems but some short stories as well