Claire Hagan
Member since Friday, 2 March 2018
Country: United Kingdom

I am a writer who has started out on the professional journey to become an established author. We can all dream and this is mine, to make stories for a living.

I have one poem published in a university anthology by a publisher. Does this make me an author?

I would love feedback of any kind. Even it's one word. If strangers read my work that would be amazing.

I am currently doing a masters in creative writing. Any technical feedback would be great.

Thank you for reading,

List of books

Every night she waits for the monster. Every night he feels the throbbing, Contemporary Flash Fiction
Short Stories
Crown of contemporary sonnets resembling the never-ending circle of life and all it entails.
Sky spends a lot of time browsing the internet. She has come across something that will be life changing. She thinks she will be enlightened but what will the world think? Dark with subtle humour.
Short Stories