Bridget McKern
Member since Wednesday, 23 January 2008
Country: Australia

I am a 67 year old grandmother of seven.
I had my first book published in 2004 - a memoir called SEASONS OF MY SOUL - A WOMAN'S JOURNEY OF HEALING.
This was followed by a second book published in 2007 called LIVING THE JOURNEY - EVERYDAY HEROES TELL THEIR STORY.
I am looking for opportunities to market my second book this year and would be very interested to give presentations about it.

AS a result of people reading my book, I have become what I call a 'Story Sculptor' helping other people to tell their stories. This is a very empowering and healing activity both for the teller and the reader.

List of books

In telling the stories of ordinary men & women,the author pays tribute to the hero in every one of us. These stories are told with outstanding authenticity, honesty and love leaving readers heartened.
The title FIVE SEASONS connects my poems with the elegant system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its Five Element Theory that I learned over many years to help me understand my healing journey.