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The Hunger Games
Catching Fire
The Shining
Gossip Girl series
LA Candy series
Fahrenheit 451
The Lovely Bones
Memoirs of A Geisha
Private Series
And many, many more!

I'm 18 years old, I am an avid reader and aspiring author. I am planning to get my books published! I like to add a lot of raw content in my stories such as cursing, sexual related stuff, political and race issues, and often humor. I take pride in my work and I know I make mistakes in writing and grammar, but I'll let you know that I am a good writer. I admire Stephen King and it would be an honor if he names me on the best writers. I am not a Twilight groupie because I think Stephanie Meyers is a horrible author! So horrible that when I read her review for Suzanne Collins The Hunger Games series, I scoffed because her opinion did not matter. hehe but oops. I guess I shouldn't say that because some people who might like my stories might be Twilight fans, so not disrespect to them. My stories are going to be realistic in the sense that I'm not going to hold back what I'm about to say or put in my stories. They tend to be vulgar, but tasteful. I hope you enjoy! :)

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List of books

This is just for fun, so the pictures aren't completely accurate. Just use your imagination when you imagine what they look like. Please comment on what you think of the characters?
Young Adult
In small town Indiana, high school students have big mouths when it comes to well known people doing things that may seem "newsworthy" to them. So it's best for Savannah to watch her back...
Young Adult
Savanna Ripley is going out on a Spring Break vacation with friends, but it ends up with more drama than she had expected.
Young Adult
Savannah wants to go to Homecoming, but the thought of not having a date to the dance might keep her from going.
Young Adult
All Savannah wanted was to fit in, but all she got was a backlash.
Young Adult
What's scarier than ghosts and haunted houses? Savannah and her friends getting into stupid situations.
Young Adult
The Holidays are coming... and they're pretty crappy.
Young Adult
Natalie Flowers used to be vibrant and carefree. But that was until her parents forced her into marrying an abusive man in order to support her financially.
A lonely high school student meets a boy from the rough part of town who changes her aspect on life, even though some is for better and worse.
Young Adult
After a very bittersweet school year has come to an end, Savannah Ripley is ready to start over by erasing all of her past Freshman history in order to prepare for her sophomore year.
Young Adult
Ariana Reid is a young woman trying to find herself at college regarding her race, sexuality, and social life. Soon, she becomes caught with the demons of society, her peers, the mind, and free-will.
Four psychology students in 1972 attempt to figure out why a young girl murdered her best friend after one of them discovers attending high school with the murder and the murdered.