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im 17 i work on a farm fix motorcycles trucks i love writing feel free to message me
id like to give a shoutout to all my readers you guys are the best.
im a working man.
my fav books are the mortal instruments series as well as infernal devices and the dark artifacts series all by Cassandra Clare
the harry potter series by j.k. Rowling
the warriors series by Erin hunter
silent witness by Richard North Patterson
maximum ride series by James Patterson
twilight by Stephanie Meyers
the hunger games by Suzanne Collins

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p.s go check out ellie lequin and thebloodylily on here they are both great authors and my inspiration

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"Angel..." "ya jace what is it babe?" "i love you." i said as i leaned in and kissed her slowly and softly but with a fiery passion "i love you to jace." "Angel im glad you turned me."iwhispered
my insperation
jace's son Apollyon, is kidnapped by Nathaniel, Angel's brother to get his son back Jace has to go on a quest for Nathaniel to get his son back.
want something spooky or bone chilling this is the book for you. filled with short ghost stories and spooky tales plz leave a comment and rate if you want ghost stories message me ill add them in here
about me and things so ya
it all started with a message that simply read "hey" then it became much more.....