BS Murthy
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Country: India

B. 27 Aug 1948, BS, is the author of Benign Flame: Saga of Love, Jewel-less Crown:: Saga of Life, Crossing the Mirage: Passing through youth (plot and character driven novels all), Glaring Shadow: A stream of consciousness novel, Prey on the Prowl: A Crime Novel and Onto the Stage: 'Slighted Souls' and other stage and radio plays.

His fiction was an outcome of his conviction that for it to impact readers, it should be the soulful rendering of characters rooted in their native soil but not the hotchpotch of local and foreign caricatures sketched on a hybrid canvas.

His non-fiction works are Puppets of Faith: Theory of communal strife, Bhagvad-Gita: Treatise of Self-help (sans 110 interpolations in verses with contemporary idiom) and Sundara Kănda: Hanuman’s Odyssey, also in verse, all available as free e-books in umpteen sites including Project Gutenberg Self-publishing Press and obooko,com

Besides articles on general management (The Hindu), materials management (Purchase) general insurance (The Insurance Times) and literary/social subjects (Triveni,) he contributed ‘Addendum to Evolution: Origins of the World by Eastern Speculative Philosophy’ to The Examined Life On-Line Philosophy Journal, Vol. 05 Issue 18.

List of books

This probes the mind of the Musalmans, afflicted by the Islamic psyche shaped by the proclivities of their prophet, vicissitudes of his life, attitudes of his detractors, and the credulity of the Umma
Non Fiction
This self-acount of a man's agony and ecstasy as he gains materially but loses morally,only to turn spiritual when tragedy strikes him,makes one ponder over the meaning of success in life.
Literary Fiction
This fascinating saga of life exemplifies the material raise and the moral fall of Gautam and Sneha and also the poignant end of the latter and the spiritual rise of the former that is after the fall.
Literary Fiction
Besides picturing the stymie of Chandra’s self-perceived ugliness, this depicts Nithya’s plight brought about by Vasu’s jilting and Prema’s dejection occasioned by Sathya’s juvenile delinquency.
Literary Fiction
Madhu and his mistress Mala were poisoned and Pravar the latter’s brother tries to implicate Radha the former’spouse in the double murder who befriends Detective Dhruva.
Devout believe reading this or hearing it recited would remove all hurdles and usher in good tidings! Miracles apart, it's in the nature of this epic to inculcate fortitude and generate hope in man fo
Bhagvad -Gita is the most beautiful, perhaps the only true philosophical song existing in any known tongue, said William von Humboldt. Audio rendition
From 'Ilaa’s Ire' set in the Vedic age to 'Twelfth Tale' of modern times, 'Stories Varied' deals with the complexities of woman's life in twelve short stories.
Short Stories
Benign Flame was borne out of my conviction that for fiction to impact readers, it should be the soulful rendering of characters rooted in their native soil but not the hotchpotch of local and foreign
Literary Fiction
'Slighted Souls' is about the rebellion of the downtrodden, 'Men at work on Women at work’ is of sexual harassment at work place and 'Castle of Despair is built on the ground of man's urge for success