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I'm a 26 year old girl whose one intent in life is to write and who wants to share her work with everyone!

There's still a child in me somewhere cos I still love to read Enid Blyton!! Any of the Famous Five or Adventure series are favourites to curl up with in the afternoon, and to be honest, they have helped and given me lots of inspiration for the series of adventure books that I have written. Agatha Christie is also another favourite author, again helping me with the murder mysteries I have written.

I'm the proud mum of George, my beloved little ginger and white kitty. I live and breathe for him, he's my everything. =)
I love to paint, draw and dabble with a bit of sculpture, I love to go out walking, and photography is another passion that I would love to have more time to indulge in. I could read about the oceans and foreign lands for hours and hours, am intrigued by ancient civilisations, ghosts, old houses and castles, the Bermuda Triangle, and I practise homeopathy.

Am a huge James Bond fan and love The Man From Uncle!!!

My pride and joy from a writing point of view is a series of books I have been working on since I was about 10, it is a whole series of books featuring four teenage girls and their friends and family. The twist is that they are all cats, but they live as humans do; they walk, talk, dress, go on holiday, go to school, etc etc. It might sound bizarre but it really works! The first few books I wrote were about their years in school, then most of the others were all about the different holidays that they all go on and the adventures they have while there. I have also written a few spin-offs, featuring the four friends but during different periods of history, and also a couple of stories about their lives after school and college, when they are out living and working in the world.
I feel that readers would feel a real empathy with the characters, as the stories are told in first person, thus giving the readers a deep insight into their lives and troubles. Teenagers will know exactly what they are feeling! Another aspect is that even though the girls are young, fashion-concious teenagers, they still have a good old Enid Blyton-style adventure while they are off on their holidays, which I think gives the stories a unique side that you don't very often see.
I will give you a summary of all the stories so you can get a feel of the plots.

the collection


Following the kittens through their years at school

Year 7 At Tibcot Comp
The first book of the series sees the four best friends starting at their local school, Tibcot Comprehensive. It's a year of making new friends and enemies, and getting to know their new school.

Boys, Fashion & Dull Lessons - Year 8 At Tibcot Comp
Their second year at Tibcot Comp is just as unpredictable as their first - new kittens cause their fair share of trouble, friendships flourish and fail, and the four best friends and all their friends have to cope with work, boys and who's the most popular this year...

Year 9 Sisters
It's the year of the much-dreaded SAT exams, and everyone is trying to work hard to do well. But, as always, given the way of school life, that's easier said than done - the kittens are so busy trying to improve their grades that none of them notices the impending disaster...

Year 10 At Tibcot
With the SATs out of the way, the kittens are free to enjoy a fairly easy year in preparation for their final GCSE year. But a new arrival fresh from a private boarding school turns the class upside down... And in addition to that, a rival gang of girls from another class is not happy that the four best friends are becoming the most popular girls in the year... Fights, fun and plenty of practical jokes ensue...

Final Year At Tibcot Comp
The GCSE year has arrived, and the teachers are piling on the pressure. But that's not the only sourse of worry - Cathy's life is about to change dramatically, and with it the lives of her closest friends. Add that to the worry of the exams and the general ups and downs of school life and you surely have a recipe for disaster...



The kittens go on several holidays each year, and fun, holiday romances and adventures are never far away...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - The Cornish Story
The four best friends go away on a summer holiday to Cornwall with Mel & Mewla's parents, and fall headlong into an adventure involving a plot to smuggle foreign antiques. A holiday romance or two, dangerous tom-cats, kidnappings and a remote island make this the holiday of a lifetime!

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Dartmoor Adventure
An autumn holiday on Dartmoor to work on Geogrpahy coursework sounds like such a good idea it is even approved by the teachers at Tibcot Comp. But the four friends don't get much Geogrpahy work done when they discover sinister goings-on happening on the moor late at night. The locals have always been terrified of a 'Beast of Dartmoor' and it seems as though it isn't as much of a legend as they all thought...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Nassau Holiday
It's a dream trip to the Bahamas - sun, sea, and lots of fun! The girls find themselves boyfriends and settle down for a great time swimming, sunbathing and shopping. But then the chance discovery of a shipwreck plunges the four best friends into yet another amazing adventure...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Polynesian Holiday
The four friends are lucky enough to go on holiday to Nuku Hiva, a small island in the beautiful South Pacific. Their parents spend the days relaxing, but the four girls have other things on their agenda. Exploration of the beaches and a dive to the bottom of the ocean results in the discovery of an ancient message in a bottle and a piece of treasure which all point to the secret horde of a famous explorer who was shipwrecked near Nuku Hiva...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Exmoor Adventure
A relaxing holiday in the heart of Exmoor with Mel and Mewla's parents is perfect, especially as the weather is so hot. But when Cathy stumbles on an ancient ring in a stream and the kittens read an intriguing legend, the four of them follow an ancient trail down a 300-foot cliff to a hidden cove, where their adventure really starts...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Alpine Holiday
It's a beautiful winter holiday in a log cabin high up in the Alps for the four kittens and Mel and Mewla's parents. Plenty of time to ski, play in the snow, and even meet some boys. But all that is about to change. Something strange is going on up in the snow-covered peaks...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Greek Holiday
A holiday in the beautiful Greek islands seems just perfect for the four best friends and Cathy's parents. There are all the old temples to explore, all the fascinating legends to read, and the beautiful beaches to laze on. But all that changes very quickly - because of a bet that Cathy makes, the kittens stumble on an amazing ancient secret...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Bermuda Adventure
The holiday to the Bimini Islands nearly doesn't go ahead - Mel and Mewla's parents are a bit sceptical about flying over the Bermuda Triangle. And with good reason too...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Aegean Cruise
The four friends have always wanted to spend a fortnight on a cruise, so that's what they do. Cruising the Aegean islands, however, becomes more of an adventure when the kittens start exploring the ship, meeting the odd collection of passengers, and discovering secrets and plots...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Loch Ness Adventure
Something sinister is going on on the shores of Loch Ness during the Christmas holiday that the four friends and their parents are having in Scotland. The farmhouse where they stay is perfectly situated on the banks of the Loch, enabling the kittens to keep watch not only on the other eccentric guests, but also on the strange glimmering water at night, the mysterious lights, and the odd disappearances...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Italian Adventure
Cathy has always wanted to visit the Venetian Mask Festival, so the holiday is booked as a special treat. The city is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the weather couldn't be better. But beneath the glittering festivities, sinister things are happening...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Egyptian Adventure
A month in Egypt is the ultimate in extravagant holidays, and is every bit as fantastic as they expect it to be. However, after exploring all the ancient wonders and the strange temples, reading the legends and doing their own bit of detective work, the four best friends discover that all is not as it seems...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their European Adventure
Cathy has landed herself a photo shoot for a fashion magazine - in Moscow. Accompanied by her three best friends and the magazine team and photographer, she flies out to the beautiful city, little knowing that an encounter with a Russian peasant will embroil them all in an adventure involving spies, the Russian Secret Service, and a handsome stranger...

Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy - Their Istanbul Adventure
Mel and Mewla's parents have relatives in Istanbul, so the four best friends find themselves jetting out there on a holiday. While their parents are off visiting, the four best friends have plenty of time to explore the beautiful city, and in particular, a fascinating archaeological dig. While an ancient underwater city is being excavated, the girls are unearthing a strange mystery too...



Stories featuring the four best friends but in different periods of history

The Deadly Fog
London, 1885
The East End District of Whitechapel is the home of the four best friends, who are forced to earn their living by working as dancers and on the streets. A mysterious killer is stalking girls such as themselves and as more and more meet their deaths down the narrow, foggy, gaslit alleyways, the four friends begin to wonder who they can trust, and if they will become the next victim...

Treachery At Black Cove
Cornwall, 1659
A grand house stands high on a Cornish cliff; it is the home of Melania and Mewla Wickley, their parents, and Melania and Mewla's two best friends Catherine and Tabitha. Both orphaned at an early age, Tabitha and Catherine were adopted by Lord and Lady Wickley.
The wild Cornish coast is the haunt of smugglers. Melania has dreamt all her life of falling in love with a handsome Spanish pirate, and little does she know where her dream will eventually lead her and her friends...

The Riddle Of Gremlock Castle
Cornwall, 1202
Melania, Mewla and the orphaned Tabitha and Catherine live with Lord and Lady Wickley in the dark, brooding Gremlock Castle.
When a mysterious, handsome visitor takes shelter at the castle one stormy night, the girls are intrigued. Who is he,and why was he out travelling on a night like that? Next morning, a death is discovered in the household, and with the terrible weather showing no signs of letting up, they are all trapped in the castle. The girls take it upon themselves to do a little investigating of their own...

The Land Of Mystery
Cornwall, 1799
A beautiful stream runs through a lush green valley to the sea, a valley that only those who know the paths can explore. The four kittens who live nearby, Melania, Mewla, Tabitha and Catherine, know the place like the backs of their paws, and spend all their free time there. But then, odd things start to happen. A mysterious figure in black is seen slinking through the bushes. The four girls are being watched. Stories of magic and witchcraft suddenly seem less like legends and more like truth. Hidden paths, sacred pools and ancient rites reveal themselves as the girls are plunged into a mystery...

The Goddess Of The Red Rock
Egypt, 2447 BC
Melanatha, Mewlari, Tabathe and Cathia are servants in the Royal Palace of Ramewthaput II. Melanatha is told by a prophet that Ramewthaput will die of a terrible curse - the Curse of The Goddess Of The Red Rock. Not knowing quite what to do, the servants set out to protect their Pharoah, little knowing that danger is incredibly close and nothing will prevent the Goddess having what she wants...

The Cliffs Of The Blood Red Twilight
Ancient Greece, 52 BC
Four young she-cats, Melannia, Tabissa, Mewladra and Cathenae, are about to lose their lovers to a new law that states that married tom-cats that have lovers must be sacrificed at The Gold Stone, a cliff-top altar 1000 feet above the Aegean Sea. The four brave she-cats have a month to save their lovers from this fate and set off on a journey to try, little knowing that the power is not all that far away from them...

I'll be posting some of these really soon. Some of them aren't written yet, but I hope to use my spare time at home to get them all done! Hope you all enjoy them! =)

List of books

New arrivals and problems make this year the best yet for the friends and their classmates.
Young Adult
A murder mystery in an old country manor - perfect evening reading!
An exciting school camping trip for the four girls and their class - but what's going on on the island?
The four friends and their classmates battling with yet another school year and more...
Young Adult
An exciting holiday adventure set in the stunning setting of Exmoor.
A scary mystery set in the gaslit alleys of London in the 1800s, featuring Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy
The fun carries on in the summer term of Year 10!
Young Adult
New year, new school, and all kinds of fun for Mel, Tab, Mewla & Cathy!
Young Adult
A hidden, secret valley with lush pools and ancient rites in 18th century Cornwall is the mysterious place where the four friends find adventure