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I am 11 years old, will start 6th grade when summer ends, and I live in Arizona. I love writing, and I devour books in just seconds. I hope to be a REAL author someday, and until that day I will keep on reading.
I hope you love my book(s)!

Oh, and just to warn you, If someone is a killjoy and comments badly on my story and they don''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t give a reason, or I just can''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t figure out what to write for it, then I might delete it...but, I might not...So don''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t kill it for everyone else.

My favorite books/series:
House of night (Currently reading...It''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s AWESOME!)
L.J. Smith''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s books
Twilight(Who doesn''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t)
The Host
Blue Bloods
My sister''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Keeper
The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants

So far I am enjoing the books on here:
Bled Dry
Everything I never wanted
Expect the unexpected
Forbidden Grey

My favorite band would have to be:
Fall out boy, 3 days grace, or Paramore.

List of books

When a young girl dies from Leukemia, a vampire changes her, forcing her to be her mate. Then, she runs away, and tries staying humane. But, that'll be hard, when she falls in love
Young Adult
Beth Anderson broke up with her boyfriend. At first he just begs her to come back. Then he starts stalking her...what's next?