♥Lexxi Kay
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Country: Italy

I love to write and hope to publish a book.

My pen name has been changed to ♥Lexxi Kay . It was ♥Writer2beDork . Ok? So no confusion...hopefully

(Okay I should post a little more about me)
My name is Alexandra (Alex, Lexxi, Lexx<-I perfer mostly:]) I got interested into writing about two years ago. I have been writing since with some encouragement :]
:] message me and I will read your books!
***after a long break I'm bak and hopefully for good. This is a good year for me (:***

List of books

Stephen was sent to protect Esabella from the dangers of her history. But what happens when he has more than the required affection towards her?
What happens when Charlotte lives a double life and falls inlove with Sam who knows her as Lilliana not Charlotte.
Young Adult