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12 facts I know about you.
1. Youre reading my comment
2. Now youre saying/thinking thats a stupid fact
4. You didnt notice I skipped 3
5. Youre checking it now
6. Youre smiling
7. Youre still reading this
8. You know that all you have read is true
10. You didnt notice I skipped 9
11. Youre checking it now
12. You didnt notice that there are only 10 facts

Yo, Im a writer. Anyone have a problem with that?
Just kidding, get that hurt look off your face.
Well, WRITE ON! doesnt want people to know too much about her like some people, but I will tell you this: Im uh, a young person, and was homeschooled so I always have plenty of time to work on writing but what I did with my time didnt really show for it at the beginning. In other words, procrastinator doesnt even begin to describe me. You look up the word in the dictionary and youll see my picture ;)
Anyway, I write a lot of things, but focus mainly on the "Weird", Paranormal, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Fantasy--urban or otherwise. I love to read and Im up to 101 different books in the past year. Im not bragging considering Im not sure how many other books people my age read, Im just saying.
Im working on my first draft of my third book,
Also, I sort of swear by Write or Die, without it I dont think I would be able to finish my novel as fast.
And Im always looking for a new read, and will comment on whoever asks so long as they do it for me when I get the nerve to post my stuff.
Well, Later.
AKA Kirsten L.

Oh, and my favorite books:
Of all time: Dragon and Thief by Timothy Zahn--theyll rock your face off!
Of the week: The Pawn by Steven James--Awesome pure and simple!

List of books

Five teens escape from their foster homes when one is blamed for a local murder.