David Jae
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Country: United Kingdom

Stories are fun to read. Thatís really what itís all about for me.

I could say a lot about how stories let us explore our place in the world, experience and feel things that we would not otherwise do, and all that is true. But stories are meant to be read and enjoyed and this is a simple pleasure I hope to share with you.

While my passion started with The Lord of the Rings and grew to include both fantasy and science fiction, it was Japanese Manga that inspired me to write. As a genre that does not take itself too seriously, it was a very liberating experience for me, showing that I could write the types of stories that I had always enjoyed not just for me, but for a commercial market.

Even now, I still have Manga stories that are close to my heart, even though my writing has become a little darker. I am very drawn now to dystopian stories of grim, imperfect worlds, which my eyes were opened to through George R.R. Martinís epic Game of Thrones.

While I enjoy creating my own unique worlds, I am very influenced by Japanese and Norse mythology, which I can trace back to Square Enixís Final Fantasy series.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my stories as much as I do writing them. As I am still practicising my craft, I will only write more chapters of a story if people favourite them.

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List of books

When Jianís Sifu is beaten near to death by Hu Guolong, he swears to defeat him in the Arena. However, his desire for revenge may destroy everything that he has dedicated himself to.
Four Space Cadets are stranded on a desolate planet when their shuttle crashes, killing their Training Officer. Cadet Paul Kon'o must lead the survivors to an abandoned tower to call for help.
Two renegade robot pilots risk their careers to save their comrade who has been captured by the enemy.