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I loved reading after I finished A Wrinkle in Time when i was 11 and after Twilight came out, i became an official bookworm but please keep in mind that i'm not a twilight die hard;(btw, i'm 15!)

books that keep me going are those that have twisted romance and usually involve tragedy, oh and good suspense; i easily get carried away that's why i cry when someone leaves or dies, get mad whenever someone plans something stupid or bad, squeal and smile like a total idiot whenever romantic scenes happen;

i bury myself in books and write fictional characters because i hide from reality; i tried writing the story of my life but i find it hard because it doesn't have an ending yet.

sorry for the grammatical errors! i type my stories directly on this site instead of word so no spell or grammar check; sorry if my stories are childish but i still want you to read and criticize them for me; thanks!

writers i recommend for you to read:
Beatrix Renning (Endangered By Love So Intricate)
Colleen Mitchell (Isabelle's Locket)
Ashley Beth (A Princess Forgotten)
Jade Slee (Kitty)
Gigglez (Eternal Hearts)
Megan L. Matthews (Secrecy)
Jessica Daniels (White Fang)

List of books

Molly was fine being Keller but when Lyayne gets in the picture, she finds herself struggling to keep her life on track. That is, if she knows which life to live.
Sierra never thought this trip will make her fall for the most wrong person for her to be in love with.
Young Adult
All she can do now is remember. Back to the past… Before the worst…