Wendy Anne Bowers
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Country: United States

Wendy Anne Bowers is an aspiring author who grew up in the Mid-West United States. She is married, works a full time job, and writes in her free time. She has been an avid reader since she was a young child, gravitating toward fantasy and science fiction, of which she has several works in process.

List of books

After bandits destroy her village, the sole survivor is raised by Elves and finds herself at the center of the final battle between Life and Death.
A Fanfiction set between the events of Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick. In Lady Fury, Riddick encounters a part of his past that he believed to be well behind him.
Fan fiction
A collection of short story one-shots retelling the classic fairy tales, such as the Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. Happily Ever After need not apply.
Short Stories
Annie was only a child when she was kidnapped and left for dead. Raised by natives, she then seeks revenge.
A Time Agent attempts to escape the colony of Roanoke before it is too late.
Short Stories
This is my entry for the Wattpad #SciFriday story competition, Challenge 10: Romantic Interlude. Intergalactic actress Amira Rajeth meets her biggest fan...
Short Stories