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So I should start off by saying I'm just a reader. I haven't put any books of mine up on WOP yet...but I don't know if I will in the future or not. I'll have to start writing a book first!

But if you want me to read any of YOUR books, that's fine. Just send me a message with what book it is and whether you would like me to rate or comment on it as well.

I used to be on this site in 2010 when I was sixteen. Now, I've re-joined and I'm 19 so I can review books intended for all ages.

My Top 5 must-reads on this site are:

-'Brotherly Love' series by Elena Hathaway

-'Saving Elliot' by pursuitofstories

-'The Story of Us' by pursuitofstories

-'One of the Guys' by Amelle M

- 'Thirty Letters to Burn' by pursuitofstories

Check these books out. Some of them are finished, some are not.

My all-time favourite book, that isn't published even though it should be, is SE (Saving Elliot). It is beautiful so go and read/rate and comment!

Send me a message! -x-