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My preferred writing subject is gay romance/erotica. Though my stories often contain explicit love scenes, that is still exactly what they are - "Love" scenes. My stories are driven by the intense, deep, loyal love my boys have for one another. If "sex" is all you're seeking...you will have to seek it elsewhere. But if you're searching for the true beauty of a man's heart - let me show you what it looks like :)

I don't have much to say about "myself", though I could talk hours about my boys :) I don't call them my "characters" because they are so much more than that to me. They are real, and I feel their love, their pain, their happiness and sadness as if it were my own.

If you read my stories and don't like my boys...please just walk away quietly. Don't degrade or disrespect. I love them like my own flesh and blood, and though I don't expect everyone to love them too...it hurts me if they are attacked.

I realize this may sound strange - me feeling this way about them. But my heart and soul is in them, in their stories. If they get cut...I bleed.

Sorry for the gory analogy there ;) lol

I hope there are those on this site who will take a moment to get to know my boys. Others who have...they now hold the boys in their hearts as I do :) But I won't send out requests to be read. If you're inspired to check out my stories, then I'm honored. If not, that's cool too. No hard feelings ;)

I write daily, and rarely have time to take reading requests. Sorry. I'm not "uninterested", just very busy.

So, I hope you find some awesome reads on this site and - God Bless! :)

List of books

A night in a mountain cabin with Kyle, and Nate's secret love for his friend is drawn to the surface. Kyle has long dormant secrets too...some of which will rip Nate's very world to pieces.