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Richard Canhan (Rick) - Writer

Firstly Id like to welcome you as a reader to what I would consider my special page. To get to this page you must either be a personal friend or an avid and enthusiastic reader/writer with a passion for the printed word, either way Id like to consider any visitor to my special page as a friend or colleague.
I was born in Kent, Southern England in 1959 and moved to Australia with my family eleven years later, where we settled down in Campbelltown, South West of Sydney in NSW. I was educated in the public school system both in England and Australia and although I left my school years behind me at the age of fourteen years and nine months I have never stopped learning. I was married at age 21 and my wife Tracey and I have raised three wonderful children who have all left home, but one. I have been told that my imagination alone had captured many tales and adventures through my story telling to our children when they were young, which just begged to be put into print.
As stated I have a real passion for the written word and although I have written nearly all my life, like most with family and work commitments I never really had the time to get serious. Now I am in a semi-retirement position I have more time on my hands and can really dedicate quality time to something I really enjoy doing. Therefore I am relatively new to the exciting world of professional writing, free-lance-writers and budding authors who all wants to see their work in print. I believe to be a successful writer these days you have to be determined to take a chance and have faith in your own ability.
I have only recently signed a contract with a US Literary Agent for the possible publication of my fictional novel, Harbinger which has the key character in a race to save the world from itself and employing futuristic strategies without losing the focus on the important issue of Global Warming. It received a number of positive reviews on this very website, for which I am eternally grateful.

Wish me luck.

As a relativly new writer I would appreciate any consructive feedback possible (even spelling errors) This is a great site and one we can all learn from. Thanks for the comments so far and feel free to drop me a line via the new message system.

Cheers Rick

List of books

The "Time Portal" on earth was easy to find, saving mankind from itself is not. Failure is not an option Jones would use. Present day and future humans unite to prove they are worthy of life.
Literary Fiction
Jack Dawson surfaces from the swimming pool and found that it wasnt the same one he fell into in San Francisco, it wasnt even in the same country.
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At twenty-seven Julie Carter is involved in an accident and is left in a coma, but when she awakens, finds she has woken from a coma of ten years. She now seeks questions to answers she already has.
Literary Fiction
Everyone needs a friend, some may even be make believe. But no-one has a friend quite like Jake Stevens. Jake found his special friend at his dad's junkyard and he isn't about to share him.
Literary Fiction
To escape a sudden afternoon thunderstorm in New York, Nick Jones, stumbles into an antique store on 5th Avenue and discovers an ancient mystery, although he just might get more than he wanted.
Young Adult