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My real name, is my secret, but i am 22 and i am currently a foreign exchange student in japan, hence all the titles and how everybody is japanese, in my stories.
Really my dream is to make my stories into manga, and anime.
Anything else about me, is a secret, i am a very secretive person, about who i am. I hope you enjoy my stories, as much as i enjoy writting, of course, if i delete things in the middle of making them, dont hate, its just that i am a person that will lose interest easily, but these next few stories, i think will last a while, if you have any question's please feel free to contact me over the website's messager.

List of books

In a alternate reality, World War II, didnt end in allied victory, or in anyones victory for that matter. In fact, the war eventually stopped due to resource depletion, but, years later in 2043...
Regret, the child, born from a village rarely visited by the world, makes his way into it, seeing new things, and new people,
"My little sister is crazy!" Is about a young man named Hayate (21) and his little sister Nagisa (14) as they live together after tradegy hits their family.