H.D. Armstrong
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About the author . . .

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Harold Dean Armstrong was voted "Most likely to
Succeed" by his high school classmates. In his senior year, he won 1st place in the 1983
Black Heritage Essay Contest, sponsored city-wide by the 4-H Club. He is 41, single, a
graduate of Robert Morris University and currently resides somewhere, on the other side
of reality.

His debut novel, Alliance & Defiance was published in 2004, and received high praise.
Alliance & Defiance is an African American drama that tells the story of high school
classmates, as they try to maintain their friendships and sanity, while attempting to solve
a precarious riddle-- Does fate determine destiny?

List of books

This story addresses the sexual promiscuity of young adults, while poking fun at the world of daytime television.
Whereas most books on this subject are strictly opinionated, this text is based on past and present information and offers a poignant view of the problems in the Black community.
When characters express a wish or theory, they are propelled into a twist-of-fate adventure.