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Im a fourteen year old girl, who feels there is more to life than what people perceive it as. We all live in our own little bubbles, not realizing other's pain or the beauty in life.
If I expressed all my thoughts in words, most would say I'm a hypocrite. I prefer to think of myself as a contridiction. My head is just a jumble of thoughts, and dreams and theories that make no sense in reality, but seem to make perfect sense in my head. I've cried myself to sleep out of mere confusion many times.
The mass of confusion that is me, is displayed through my writing(mostly my poetry)as some smart person once said, 'writing is the only form of sociably accepted Skitsofrenia.'
Writing is my passion, because on paper I can be honest, I can be random, or a hypocrite, but best of all, I can be me. <3 i love critisism on my writing, so let loose :)