Aurora Smith
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Country: United States

I am an avid writter, though I do, sometimes, get bored with some of the writtings I do. I try to at least get half way through with any story or book I start, and try to establish it and get some feed back, if I don't get feed back on it most of the time I will stop developing the writing as I assume most people do not like it and wouldn't be interested in a full book on the subject. Then I will start on something new.
- Aurora Smith

List of books

A series of mysterious murders and attempted killings of a well known family creates chaos in a small town.
Eliyejah and his pack of werewolves try and keep themselves quiet in a small town in rural Colorado.
Vampires in Italy are being imprisioned and killed for no other reason then their bloodlines are un-pure and dirty by subject of the Queen.