Carolina Martinez
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Country: Hong Kong

I love writing and reading, obviously. I have gained a little recognition, and I have some other accounts on other websites. Hope you (whoever you are) like my writing, if you even decide to check it out!

List of books

Kitsune are a mysterious species that can manipulate magic to their will. When the most important goddess of their civilization is captured by their enemies, Kojoro and Jacob must find her.
When Victoria is deemed the most popular girl at West Fields High, Nina Levesque is angered and sets out to destroy her life, but Tori has more than her to worry about...
Nirvana Brown is an orphan who is extraordinary at dancing. However, her stepsister, Kate, is determined to not let Carolina's talents shine.
Maria Ying moved to Hong Kong on August thirteenth. How exactly will she not have nervous breakdowns when she has to adapt, get used to, organize, and get over?
When Rosaville and Edward are captured by their old enemy, the Oni, they overhear a conversation that shows that the Oni aren't the only ones who want to take down the kitsune...