Sweet Surprise
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Country: Maldives

Hey guys I am back. Sixteen years and passed my O levels with flying colors. As for deactivating this account I thought over it and decided to continue. After all I get a sense of peace here and wop has a homey feel to it.

The stories I created before were deleted for some unknown reasons. I saved the drafts in my PC only to find nine months later it was gone. So this gives me a chance to start over.

I am stills novice for writing but mainly I write for fun so if my stories does not come up to your expectations I deeply apologies. You can also find me on wattpad with the username of SweetSurprise123. Shouldn't be too hard to find though the things I post there are the things I post here so I advice you not to expect much.

Now with all the talk over enjoy reading! If you have some time to spare please rate and review as I want to improve even when I write for the fun of it.