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Time is a very strange thing. In the eyes of many it inches by, later on it speeds quickly by, no more than a light breeze and it's gone. In the eyes of many it speeds and then it inches. In the eyes of many it is always alternating. In the eyes of many it is always the same.
Hours and minutes do nothing but level the playing field.
Everything is a side effect of death. But death is a side effect of life, and therefore everything is a side effect of life as well.
Money is solidified faith.
Writing is the creation of small portions of a character's personality, as well as the general making of a vague plot outline. The characters do the rest.
The point of life is to search for the point. No one is going to constantly HAPPY (think on that) unless they are doing something they truly love and they are secure in knowing that they will keep doing it. Even if they die, they will have had the satisfaction of doing what they love.
It's simply a matter of finding that thing.
There is no one that is not mad. There is no one that is not impatient. There is no one that is not kind. We all just have different levels of them.
Ignorance is the greatest painkiller. It can save you, and it can destroy you. The idea is to take the right amount of doses.
When a person dies, it is our duty to maintain their life in memory. But human memory is an unpredictable thing. We forget too often, and we remember few, lest they have done something truly great. We can blame this on the sluttiness of Time.

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The domino effect/ of a single death/ can be devastating. "That hardly qualifies as a poem," said Liz scornfully. I smiled bitterly in return. "At least it's true."
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