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Who am I?
Hmmm, difficult question. Well, first off, Im a half belgian half iranian fourteen year old girl who seems to have no life and spends her daylight hours tapping at a keyboard. I''m obsessed with writing. I''m also obsessed with critting, playing the violin, which I am working towards my diploma on, and I love nothing more than a game of badminton in the garden. Oh, and I also draw.

Who inspired me to write?
There are many names I could write down on this one. But I guess those who really inspired me are Catherine Banner, who was represented by an agent at the age of sixteen, and of course Christopher Paolini. People should really cut him some slack - although a bestseller, many people seem intent to tell the world how he used the plot of Star Wars and the scenery of Lord Of The Rings for his book. WHich is fraud. But I''m sorry, but even if some of his ideas are similar, so what? He''s an amazing writer xD
(Sorry about that rant)
Also, music inspires me to write, espeically film music. I listen to it, and imagine a film scene in my head, and write about it.

I'm sorry I took Paradeisos down. I think I got an big enough range of feedback, and I am going to focus on working on it, and maybe, if it ever gets good enough, I might submit to an agent. I'm not trying to sound full of myself, but there's no harm in trying? I can take failure :)

Okay, so thats it for the moment. That''s enough boring stuff for one day. Just a bit about the writer behind the awful writing...

PS - when critting, try to be constructive. I prefer to have something to work on than read a comment saying 'good' or 'okay' or 'terrible'. =]
Also, just another thing - I'd just appreciate for people to leave comments instead of askng for me to read their books by email. It kinda feels like they're work is more important, and if I crit theirs they will take the humungous effort to write something on mine. . . so please - just comment on mine and I'll do the same to you. Unless i crit on yours first (: (Also I'm sorry if the crits I return aren't the next day crits. Is 'cause I've got a multitude of exams going on atm. I will be here though from time to time (:)

List of books

What happens when you're nightmares merge into reality?
A collection of poems and short stories to reflect and think about.