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Country: United States

I'm a college freshman, and I love writing...and am kind of obsessed with it, but it offers escape from school and life in general. My stories are usually about absolutely smart and talented teenage girls. I'm sort of a feminist, so my female protagonists are usually good at sports, play an instrument, or are intelligent, independent, sweet, and/or smart. Then I love having a caring guy in my stories. Writing is a way to feel free, and the day I can no longer write, will be the day I go insane.

(Ironically, writing drives me insane sometimes, too, but in a good way. Have you ever been on the brink of a great story, and because of it, you can't sleep at night for like a week until you get all the details and characters mapped out in your head? That's me!)

My book, The Bermuda Affair, was featured twice (now three times) on this site! I thought that was pretty cool, and I remember thinking that it would never happen, and I wrote it when I was fourteen, so my writing has improved a lot since then.

Springs Awakening is my newest upload to this site. It's complete, and I'm really proud of it because it really reflects me as a writer now. Check it out!

Familiar Face is the first book I wrote on here when I was 14. It's almost painful for me to read now. My writing has improved a lot since then, but I think the storyline is sort of charming.

I really appreciate and take into consideration comments on my work, and I always try to read and comment something of yours in return. Don't be shy. Critique away, good or bad!