Neal O'D
Member since Monday, 17 September 2012
Country: South Africa

Living in South Africa, I am a sexologist (now retired) specialising in abuse of women. In addition to my Master of Arts degree, I have 2 nursing diplomas and am at present preparing a dissertation on the phenomenology of Caring with a local university.
I have written 2 novels: Mitsein is about the journeys of 4 women into life from abuse and the effect they have on their therapist, and Cindi's Pendulum which is about the way a child helps her mother out of an abuse situation.

List of books

Having never resolved her divorce issues, Wendy is reclusive until she meets Athol at lunch. All the next day strange thoughts pop around her head.
Nadine starts with the idea of being a chef, but when she is drawn into Cavin's world of photography her life takes a serious turn. But things aren't all that rosy despite her passion for the man.
Abi doesn't really fit in with her classmates so prefers to spend her time studying. Then she is confronted by a teacher who ends up giving her extra lessons with an unexpected result.
Four desperately unhappy women form a group around an unorthodox therapist who leads them out of their abuse and they reciprocate in a strange way. But there are many twists.
Seven-year old Cindi is the stimulus for her mother, Jacqui, to seek urgent help to get out of her horrible marriage - fortunately as her life unravels soon after.
Why does a medic go on ops in the Rhodesian bush war? Sometimes it's necessary, but the result is not always the best.
Kitten is unloved and forced to search for a new home. After many adventures she does this and her new human friend is made, much much happier.