Mady Sean
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I write what I wish could happen to me, what I wish I could be. I hope you like my work at least.

List of books

A result of boring days, a book following Roxas, Axel, and Xion after their 358 days in Organization XIII. A few spoilers might be there, as well as a little AkuRoku...Enjoy!
Fan fiction
What if you lost all your family-father, mother, brother, sister-in the course of one year? And, just to make it worse, that you were with them every time?
Living under a bubble has usually been described as a bad thing. What if that bubble covered a whole town and there were absolutely no parents?
Life's perfect right now. Nope. Nothing more can go very wrong right now...can it? (Hint: if you answered 'Naw,' think again)
Short Stories
High School is tough, but the real world is even tougher. Carry these hints and bits with you through life, and you'll make it through.
Non Fiction