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My name is Megan Bean. The reason my pen-name is Megane is because if you read Charly Froerer's 'Kate's Quest' one of the character's in 'Kate's Quest' is named 'Megane', and Charly Froerer named the character Megane after me.
My favorite food is pizza. (PIZZA!:D)
My favorite color is blue.
I am ten years old and the reason I started writing is because I just enjoyed writing ever since I was three or four.
I'm a strong Mormon. I have brown hair, black glasses, I'm tall and skinny, and have three younger siblings. What I like to do for free time is usually write, draw, read, go on worthy of publishing, my email, other things on the computer, or play with friends. That's pretty much everything about me!! Please read my books! :)
P.S. I also have a blog called meganetheauthor . blogspot . com
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List of books

A twelve year old girl sees Rainbow Leaves in trees, she collects them and has two drawers full of them. One day they start to get gray. Her best friend, Cassandra, tells her that this is very bad.