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I'm young (I actually just turned 16, so have mercy) and have written many stories but they have all been such flops. I'm hoping that as I grow, I get better ideas. To all you authors out there, I really do appreciate when someone rates and comments on my book and leaves content, good or bad. So, if you leave things as such, I will most certainly comment back and read your material and to prove I did I will comment on your material. Little things like comments and ratings truly do make my day.I hope this site will help my biggest dream come true and luck to all you undiscovered authors!
I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately but I really have been having some writer's block lately and I haven't had much time with school and stuff. I hope to post more stuff by Summer. Sorry to all the people who follow me here. Thanks for support!
-A.B. Ramos

November 2013


So I'm 18 now, in college, and I don't write anymore, or at least not as much as I used to. The story I had on here I deleted completely and any other place I had it posted. I was completely dissatisfied with what I had written. I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone though I'm sure it's no big deal, it's not like I had a huge following anyways. The characters are still very dear and near to my heart and hopefully one day I'll finish the story, as I've completely re-imagined it in my head.

Best of luck,