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Hey :) I'm just your average fourteen year old teenage writer. I love writing, details especially. I'd appreciate any constructive critism, whether it be good or bad. Anything to help me make my work better would be really great! Older Readers Of Mine: You may have noticed I deleted some of my novels. Sorry! I just don't have the time to keep them updated right now. I apologize!!!

P.S. Please don't send me a message if you want me to tell you if I know where you can get published. I honestly don't have a clue! I'm open to reading other peoples' works, so let me know if you want me to check your book out! No promises though!

List of books

Quin (AKA: Porcelain Pandora) has never hated her life so much she's wanted to die. But there are some moments....Until Quin suddenly finds that she's nothing but a ghost...
Meygan was abandoned by her father. Scott and his sister took her in, and Meygan finds herself falling head over heels for Scott.
Young Adult
Lynette and her boyfriend have just moved...To a house with a jealous ghost that wants Lynette for himself. What will happen?
Poetry that I've been working on lately.
My Problems: #1: My mother just died. #2: I think I'm in love with Corey. #3: Seth won't leave me alone. #4: This list could go on forever.
Young Adult