Abby Vandiver
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Former attorney and owner of e-magazine Leslie Blake. Mother of two and grandmother of three enjoying retirement and welcoming the opportunity to finally realize the dream of writing books. I wrote this book, In the Beginning, in 1997/98 and just set it aside. Found it in a box in the garage, but couldn't find where it was electronically stored. Decided to retype and publish. Please let know what you think.

And shout outs to some of my favorites:

Steven Cash

Bob Craton


Sherrie Cronin

Hepzabah Lupo

Caela Kings

List of books

A mystery/sci-fi that mixes true historical and scientific facts with fiction as it follows Justin Dickerson's discovery of the true origin of man.
Prologue added to help understand story.
What if aliens really did build the pyramids? Would that be as shocking as finding out who the aliens really are?