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Holy poop! I haven't logged into this since I was 15. Where the fuck have I been? Anywho, I'm 17 now :) I live in a shitty place called Florida now.

Huge All Time Low/Mayday Parade/Hey Monday/Alexz Johnson/Black Veil Brides/Metro Station/Cash Cash/Call The Cops/Devil Wears
Prada/The Maine/Lights/ Friday Night Boys/ We The Kings/The Downtown Fiction fan.
Music is my life. Welcome in :)

List of books

Jude Harrisons life was great. Her latest album is almost finished and she has a lot of free time with Tommy.But what happens when she finds out she's pregnant and Tommy and Jude are gettting marr
Fan fiction
A gun? A fight? A guard? Is Angie unstable? Darius and the Cops?
Fan fiction
Jude and Sadie's older brother, Maxwell, doesn't approve that sixteen year old Jude is with 22 year old Tommy. So what happens when he finds out that Jude's pregnant?
Fan fiction
Read it
Fan fiction
Third part of a series.
Young Adult
Jude's a druggie that Tommy met in a bar one night and took home. Now, he doesn't want her to leave.
Fan fiction
Hate. Describing.
Fan fiction