Amanda J. Silberg
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Country: Denmark

Hello! My name is Amanda J. Silberg, and I am an aspiring writer! I'm from a little country called Denmark and am by the age of petty fifteen years.
I discovered the fantastic world of a writer's, for about five months ago, so as you can tell, I'm quite new at it. Before I started writing, I was miserable; I had a depression, an eating disorder, and a very anxious mind. But now, I feel healed, and I think that writing is what have done the job.
Maybe my grammar isn't perfect, yet, but I'm a really fast learner, so I think that in, lets say, five months at most, I'll master the important art and maybe break a few of its rules.

My looks(If you'd like to know): I'm a short girl on five feet and three inches. I have quite long, strait, brown hair, cascading down to my torso. I'm thin, with a BMI on 16,9. My eyes have the color of a dark blue/green/khaki, and I have slender wrists.

A few facts about myself:

I LOVE reading! I cant go for a day without doing so... If you know any good books, please contact me! I especially love fantasy and literary fiction.

I sing all the time, and I just adore music in general.
My favorite genres will have to be punk, rock, and musical(yeah, I kinda love it all, but these are just my favorites at the moment)

I'm a coffee addict ;-(

I can't live without wearing socks...(weird)

I am one of those weirdoes who believe in "the secret" and live by it everyday.
Let me give you some insight if you don't know what the secret is: Scientists have proofed for a fact that everything and everyone are made of energy. everything around us, everyone around us is based on the same simple thing: Energy.
The book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, is telling us that me can manipulate that energy. We can attract the things we want and, if we're not careful, attract the things we don't want. If we keep thinking about negative things, we attract negative things. but at the same time, if we think of positive things, we attract positive things! I try to think as positive as possible.
If you want some more insight, read the book!

That was a bit about me! Hope you'll check out my novel(s)

Love, Amanda J. Silberg ;-)

✎☺♪☕✌ ☝

List of books

Poetry can say so many things in so few words. I started writing Poetry one week ago, and I'd like to get some feedback on it!
Demons are not just lurking in the shadows any longer. They've taken over our world. Who can you trust? And who will betray you when you fear it the least?
Literary Fiction