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Well, I was published in a couple of newspapers, due to my tendency of writing short stories as a child. After showing a sudden talent to writing, I dumped it, only to seek salvation in it years after. In less dramatic words, I have recovered my passion for writing. The writing style has, of course, changed, and it's now in English instead of Russian, so you can read my work.

Warning: I make it Japan-styled. Oh yes I do. It's usually in times of civil war in the country, and from a girl's point of view. Overall, I believe they are quite enjoyable, particularly the less tragic parts of it. I am not the one for complete and total happy end, you see.

Open to book suggestions. Message if you need your work checked.
I appreciate constructive criticism on "A Thousand Autumns, One Night", named for a good Vocaloid song.

Name: like big duh I can tell you. No, wait, please don't cry!
Age: 13
Nationality: Korean
Languages: Russian, English. Half-baked Japanese, Chinese
Location: Philippines, Manila, Unicorn Battlefield City, Fullmetal Alchemist street.
Likes: generally being loud,teasing, joking, thinking about random things
Dislikes: anything lower than grade A, swearing, childish people

What else?

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Whoa, it's like a mantra.

List of books

Fairy tales made better by humor, realistic events, and teenage-adapt version.
Fan fiction