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Hello all! ^^ As you may have noticed, I'm a writer and a young one at that. I am 15 years old. I love fantasy and adventure stories, and that is what I write (and read occasionally ;3). I'm mainly on Wattpad and so most of my work is there under the username Ferretlp.

I'm also a ferret, if you were wondering. I only bite occasionally.

And if you read Brandon Sanderson, Brent Weeks, Patrick Rothfuss, or Margaret Weis those happen to be my favorite authors, and I love to talk about books :)

List of books

The people of Aurlin live in a near perfect society. However, Feld, a bored poet, is about to discover more of his white-robed world than he'd ever imagined.
The kingdom of Sylshire is in turmoil, and has been since King Tellcen passed and his son, the infamous Allen took the throne. Now, Allen has only one creature he can trust—his pet dragon, Agrevious.
Alborn was born odd. She's dreamt of the Imperial city since she was a child, and when finally given the chance to go there, she lets nothing get in the way of her goal.