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This is a joint account between me, Hitori, and my best friend, Zastra. We will be writing stories seprately, maybe editing eachothers, ect.

Hitori: I'm a beginner. In fact, I have written about three stories, completely original. On here, I'm going to start fanfictions, see how they turn out. I'm addicted to anime, and therefore, some of my favorites will be the subjects of my fanfictions. Black Butler and OHSHC will be the majority of them. I am also a furry, so stories of my fursona (along with my friends' fursonas) will be expected.

Zastra: I'm a beginner to story-writing despite the plots I have conjured in my head over the years. I tell most of my stories through illustration, though some are much better written down which is why I'm here. My interests are all over the place, but some of my favorite subjects are Skyrim, Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and some OC stories here or there if I can get the very detailed plots onto paper.

List of books

Mysteries, love, secracy, and jealousy- all mashed skillfully together in a descriptive, moving Fanfiction.
Fan fiction
He needs to help the people out.
Holly is in the need of some money to keep her farm up and running. When she finds herself working for the Brass Bar, she meets a headstrong and arrogant chef whom she can't help but butt heads with.
Having just moved in with her online friend of five years, Hitori struggles through the darker patches of her life with her friend, Kiera beside her.
NO by Faari
dont fuckin know yet bitch
Fan fiction