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Hey, I'm Jaxon. I've been on here for about a year, and I'm hoping for my big ticket book that I could at least publish. Feedback would be excellent. I like reading very long comments, so if you feel like typing up a two foot long comment box, go ahead. Well, unless they're mean. Or devoid of any kind of praise.

And so yeah. I like messages too, so that's great if you wanna send those.

Thanks lots,


Favor, el por favor?

If you're reading this and don't give a crap about the new books, at least do me a favor and tell your friends, family, fat uncle, relatives you only see like one day a year- see if they know anyone or if they themselves like mah "literature".

Thanks for reading!

Also check out Legacy! It's being developed, and may be a little bad at the beginning, but i'm trying to smooth stuff out.

Read 'bout Daniel and Delia (If you haven't got the message)
Check out the Perspective Series!

List of books

Deceptor, Valiance, Protector, Guardian, and Warrior have returned to fight their war.
Lindsay Black awakens in the night to cross the paths of two supernatural beings- Alecto and Jevron, warlocks of corte di stregone. They're in her house, looking for something- something unexpected.
Book 1 of Perspective Series. Teacher Lisa Daustraut is dead. But in the safe zone of Heaven, she witnesses the danger of a student who could be murdered.
Short Stories
When Daniel decides to spend some valuable time with his girlfriend this time around, they won't forget it.
A story of me-who I am, who I think I am, and who I want to be.
Milo Dawson spent three years in the undercover police training program, but nothing could have prepared him for this.
18 year old Pilar Dixon and her dog Oberon take over the world after a life-ending disease kills almost the whole population- except for Heath.