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So. You've found your way to this page of misery and woe. Just kidding (it's misery, woe, and death)

I'm here because I have no social life.

Here's some stuff that is vital to know about me if you want to understand any of my books. And by that I really mean please enjoy this list of totally random and unnecessary defining aspects of my character.
- I love cats. No, I really do.
- I've been playing the cello for many moons, although not recently so maybe I should get on that again
- I'm a misanthrope
- Psych is the best tv show ever. Do not argue with me on this
- Drama nerds are the best! Also the craziest and somehow these two things are not mutually exclusive
- I believe Italian Ice is a gift sent to us from the heavens as a reward for doing good things like not succeeding in destroying the earth yet
- Pretty is a stupid word

Shoot me a message if you're bored or lonely or a comedian.

-With warmest regards:

P.S. I'm really into editing so if you hate it and you don't mind semi-harsh criticism than I'm here whenever you need me. Except for Tuesdays. I'm also looking for writers to collaborate with because YOLO! Lemme know if you're interested

List of books

Like mythical creatures? Like writing fantasy? Don't have anything better to read? Well you've come to the right place then!
He's from Skye Heights, one of the rich neighborhoods that keep the undesirables - and the sickness - out. She's from the Slums where all the normal people live. He fears her. She despises him.
Frost is the tenth changer. Daniel is the third prince of a small kingdom. They've each been told horrible things about the other, but even terror doesn't kill curiosity.
Fletcher has been on the run for a while now, but she thinks she's finally found a place she can settle down. She doesn't know how wrong she is.
Destiny was never one to like school or attention. Now she's got both plus a few powerful archenemies that want nothing more than to see her dead and/or in a lot of pain. You thought your life was bad
Ellie always thought that she was a normal girl. Right up until she died. Before she knows what's happening El becomes a Master and has to go where no one has gone before in order to regain the past