Jonah Kane
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Hi everyone! My name is Jonah Kane (or is it? o.0), I'm 13 and I love writing! I have been writing novels seriously since about a year ago, however ideas for stories and novels have been flooding my mind since as long as I can remember (however if you want to be specific I would think it started when I was six, seeing The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe for the first time and starting off writing a three page 'novel' with horrible grammar that was made up by my exceptional pictures about a boy just like me with a world in his walk in closet)!
The only reason these ideas have not been put on paper was simply because of my short attention span of a seven year old or not enough motivation.
I started out with an interest in fantasy as a six year old, and around grade four at age nine began building an interest in fantasy/romance (not something every nine year old could say...). I reverted back to thoughts of writing a fantasy novel back in grade five, age 10-ish, I reverted back towards fantasy/sci-fi interests, coming so close to writing a sci-fi but with no luck.
Upon my self-discovery of being gay just a year ago, gay-romance became an interest for me and since then I have written half of a gay-romance novel and a gay-romance/interest novel fully that was once on this very site, yet was removed by me for reasons I will get to in a second.
Though I still have many gay-romance ideas that have potential in the future, I must not that I will be making a switch back to fantasy/sci-fi/young-adult, with several gay-INTEREST novels in mind.
There is in fact a difference between the romance and interest. One, in my own opinion, is boy-meets-boy with some sort of twist that sets it apart from the others, while gay-interest holds aspects of homosexuality used not just as a marketing tool towards the LGBT community, but holds a key-significants to the plot and must be used for story progression. Gay-romance, I find, is simply a romance novel with the female taken out and a male slapped in, for example, 'Another Gay Movie' was just an all-male 'American Pie'. I didn't want my writing style to reflect on that sort of thing, to have my novels be set in a category were movies of the same aspect have horrible actors that are only hired by how good they look, and have nothing original to their name.