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Hi! My name is Hannah. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite animnals are a platapus, dolphin, and blue whales.I am also a strong christian. :)I have been a writer since I was young, and I enjoy it a lot! I really hope you enjoy reading my stories! :D

And my best friend is Pin3apple. Love ya', Twinny!

By the way, look me up on Wattpad, as ImaginationForever. Later! :D

List of books

On a voyage from England, Janeen travels with her family to meet an Native American tribe, and she meets a young boy named Achak, who teaches her an important lesson, even when getting attacked.
"Daphne! I-I'm so-" I yelled after her. But she interrupted me. "Go away Jack. I never want to see your ugly, sorry butt ever again. So get the heck out of my life."
Melody Clef was 16 years old when the queen died. And music was banned. But now she has to go to the castle, discovering it's many secrets...